Nail Price

OPI Acrylic Nails Full Set
$25 +
OPI Acrylic Nails Fill in
$15 +
Solar Nails Full Set (Clear)
$35 +
Solar Nails Fill In (Clear)
$25 +
Solar Nails Pink & White Full Set
$50 +
Solar Nails Pink & White Fill in
$40 +
French & American Manicure
Extra $5
Hand & Feet Polish
$8 -$10
Hand & Feet Polish French
$10 -$12
Nail Designs (Each Nail)
$3 +
Nail Repair (Each Nail)
$3 +
Cut Down
Take Off
SNS Dipping Powder Full Set
Pink & White Fill In
One Color Full Set
Gel Polish
Gel Polish on Acrylic Nail
Extra $15
Gel Polish on Pedicure
Extra $15

Golden Spa Manicure

Classic Manicure
Warm towels wrapped with cuticle solution (Nail shape and cutting cuticles trimming with lotion massageand polish)
Deluxe Manicure

Enjoy all classic manicure and sugar scrub or paraffin wax, to help treat dry skin

Golden Signature Deluxe Manicure
Enjoy all of the features in the classic Manicure, and (choices one from many scent of pedicure) and hot stone massage.
The Invigorating Nu Manicure
This Manicure includes classic mani and Liquid body Lufra, Icedancer, fire walker and hot stone massage.

Golden Spa Pedicure

Classic Pedicure
Sugar Pedicure (30 min)
Relax you feet with a luxurious war peppermint/mint soak includes nail shaping/filling, cuticle maintenance, callus treatment, Lime sugar-glow scrub & hydrating lotion and polish
Signature Pedicure (35-40 min)
Relax your feet with a luxurious warm peppermint/Mint soak, Includes nail shaping/filing, cuticle maintenance, callus treatment, Lime OR coffee-cappuccino sugar-glow scrub a warm towel wrap, hydrating lotion, Vitamin E oil massage. Foot cream treatment and polish
Golden Signature Deluxe Pedicure (45-50 min)
Enjoy all of the features in the signature pedicure, includes lime & cappuccino scrub & marine mask wrapped with warm towels and a warm stone massage designed to increase ciculation
Paraffin Pedicure (50-55 min)

Similar to Deluxe, relax with a cooling marine mud mask wrapped with warm towel before dipping your feet into warm paraffin wax to help treat dry cracked feet

Pearl Pedicure (50-55 min)
Individual treatment packets are used to promote healthy & luxurious skin. Added to your soak is a finely milled powder to pull out impurities. Relax with a cleanser, exfoliator & mud mask wrapped in warm towels before topping it off with a lotion and cream warm stone massage
Green Tea Pedicure (50-55 min)
Individual treatment packets. Hydrate and detoxify with green tea scrub is applied to helpexfoliate dry, rough skin. A green tea-infused mask is applied brefore being wrapped in warm towels. A green tea massage lotion is applied and massage through with a warm stone massage
Volcano Detox Pedicure (50-55 min)
Volcano: a highly detoxifying ingredient that attracts & eradicates imourities & odor-causing bacteria from the pores. Dip in to a volcano soak before a Exfoliating sugar scrub, that diminishes calluses and dry skin is applied. Includes a COLLAGEN organic cream mask wrapped in warm towels & a warm stone massage with an ultra Collagen organic creme meant to soothe dry skin.
The Invigorating (Nu-Pedicure) (55-60 min)
Herbal mineral bath, Liquid body lufra Icedancer, Fire walker, Baobab body Butter, marine mud and warm stone massage. Al spa pedicure use organic products and includes: a warm soak with a fragrant Peppermint/Mint bath, a soothing Herabal nech wrap, nail & cuticle trim, file, buff hydrating lotion, vitamin E oil massage, foot cream treatment and polish
Al spa pedicure use organic products and include: a warm soak with a fragrant Peppermint/Mint bath, a soothing Herbal neck wrap, nail & cuticle trim, file, buff hydrating lotion, vitamin E oil massage, foot cream treatment and polish

Manicure & Pedicure Combo

Classic Manicure & Classic Pedicure
Sugar Pedicure & Classic Manicure
Signature Pedicure & Classic Manicure
Golden Signature Deluxe Pedicure & Deluxe Manicure
Paraffin Pedicure & Golden Signature Delxure Manicure
Pearl Pedicure & Golden Signature Deluxe Manicure
Green Tea Pedicure & Golden Signature Deluxe Manicure
The Invigorating (NU Pedicure & Manicure)
We are so confident in our work, that we even Gurantee it!

Waxing Service

$10 -$12
Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Eyebrow Tint
Paraffin Hand
Brazilian Bikini
$40 -$60

Golden Spa Tanning

Ergoline Advantage 400 Turbo Powder
Lamp 40 x 160w & 3 & x 400 VIT
High pressure facial tanners
Reflector neck tanners
Maximum exposer: 12 minutes
Ventilation: Comfort cooling ventilation
Bed Acrylic: Bodyform plus shape with intergrated headrest
Stereo sound
Ergroline Essence 48 Smart Power Standup
Max, exposure time: 9 minutes
48 smart powder 200-watt UV lamps
Cooling System
Interior lights
Sound system with MP3 player connection
No tan line
Special rates: Plus tax
Advantage 400 & Essence 48
1 Session
5 Session
10 Session
20 Session
** One month membership $20
** One month unlimited $50
Free 1 eye wear protect
Pay each time tanning
$3 Tubo power and stand up
$15 Ultrabronz 950
Light + Medium
1 Visit
3 Visits
6 Visits
10 Visits
20 Visits
HD technology = high definition sunless results.
100% UV Free tanning
Touch Free Spray - on tanning technique
Even, natural looking tan
Total process takes less than 60 seconds
Totally private room
Tanning solution consists of moisturizing aloe oil gel, bronzer and sunless tanner.
Special Rates: TAX FREE
1 Visit DARK